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Alterations & Custom Sewing

I offer a range of alterations and custom sewing. Prices are listed below and are an estimate. Please note that not all alterations are created equal and may be higher than listed prices. Custom sewing includes most anything from home decor to wedding gowns. Please be sure to email me for an appointment to get a free estimate.

Alterations Price Guide*

Hems on jeans (keeping factory hem) $10

Hems on slacks/ skirts & dresses (no cuff) $8

Hems on slacks/ suit pants w cuff $12

Hole repair including patches $3-$5 per hole

Zipper repair/ replace $15-$25

Adjustments to clothing (letting out or taking in) $10-$20

I do not Taylor mens suits at this time

*Please note that these are alterations of casual everyday wear. Evening gowns or special occasion wear prices are higher please call for an appointment.

Here is a before and after picture of a recent prom dress that I changed a zipper to a lace up back. This service starts at $70 and goes up depending on the dress.

lace up back


Custom Sewing

When I give you an estimate on services that is NOT including the fabric cost. In most cases my clients purchase there supplies themselves and then bring them to me. I can however order in many fabrics and supplies from all over the USA. Please be sure to send me an email for more information. below is a list of custom sewing I have done over the past 20 years.


Wedding Gowns (see picture above of one I made)

Bridesmaid dresses

Prom dresses

Blessing dresses

Communion Dresses

Baptism dresses

Childrens Clothing




Crib sets

Car seat covers


Ironing boards

Table cloths for weddings

Table runners

The list goes on and on.. if its not listed just ask and I am sure I can do it.